News: Oh, Deanna and supports play The Empress

Check out the press release because I’m too lazy to re-word it: Eff winter, let’s dance! Three radiant local acts will warm the heels of your feet and the cockles of your heart on Thursday July 29 at The Empress. Bonny balladeer Sean Henry (Kenny Cornflakes) will make a rare acoustic solo appearance away from … Continue reading

Reviews: The Bon Scotts – We Can Cause Such A Fuss/Sad Sad Songs

The Bon Scotts, a Melbourne five-piece, follow their debut EP The Yellow Fall (released in ’05) and single  The Kids Are Coming (’09) with this double A-side. The Bon Scotts create the kind of music that leads you to spend hours drunkenly arguing about just what genre they are, exactly. They attempt to blend bells, … Continue reading

Reviews: Armen Firman – Dressed For War (EP)

Melbourne-based rock band Armen Firman are tough to define. A self-described explosion of lush arrangement and electronica-tinged post-indie rock, their tone ends up sounding like nothing more than a watered down HIM. I saw them years ago supporting god-knows-who and was unimpressed by their performance. They played their instruments with great proficiency and shook their … Continue reading

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