Videos: Big fan asks Joss Whedon who his favourite actor is

At a Q&A at Comic Con, a fan asked Joss Whedon who his favourite actor was. Check out the video to see why that actually makes for one of the coolest clips I’ve seen for a while: Advertisements

Reviews: Misfits – Season 1 (DVD)

The first time I heard the storyline for BBC’s new teen drama, Misfits (written and created by Howard Overman), I pulled the “um, what?” face. A group of five teenagers doing community service get struck by lightning during a freak electrical storm and develop super powers. I know, right? But I ask you not to … Continue reading

Reviews: The Good Ship – Avast! Wretched Sea (album)

The Good Ship’s Avast! Wretched Sea has tunes that will put you in the mood – whatever the intended mood may be – anytime you hear it. Influenced by “gin, rum, brandy, fair maidens and not so fair maidens”, this band’s debut album brings up all those emotions with incredible passion. The album cover prepares you … Continue reading

Reviews: Alice in Wonderland (DVD)

The BBC’s 1966 production of Lewis Caroll’s layered, kaleidoscopic dream-world novel Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland – almost universally retitled when adapted as Alice In Wonderland – is a darkly fantastical exploration of the trials and tribulations of adolescence. Starring Anne-Marie Mallik (in her only screen appearance) and featuring such giants of stage and screen as Peter … Continue reading

News: Jon Hamm for Superman, Thor trailer online, Del Toro to direct Lovecraft adaptation

ThinkMcFlyThink reports that the team behind the upcoming Superman reboot (which includes Christopher Nolan and David Goyer) are considering Mad Men star Jon Ham for the role as The Man of Steel. Hamm, a talented actor with palpable screen presence, would be a perfect fit for the role – dashing, handsome, and intelligent, Hamm has … Continue reading

Reviews: Brothers (Blu-ray)

Brothers is a 2009 drama starring Tobey Maguire (Spiderman), Jake Gyllenhall (Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain) and Natalie Portman (Garden State, Closer). The film, an intense examination of the effects of war on family, was written by David Benioff (writer of the excellent 25th Hour and The Kite Runner, as well as the abysmal X-Men Origins: … Continue reading

Reviews: Babar – Volume 1 (DVD)

Babar was an absolute cornerstone of my childhood television-viewing experience. Beautifully animated and cleverly written, the show combined heart, whimsy and serious ethical and social issues in the kind of seamless way that children’s shows have to to be successful. The series is presented in a split-timeline format, with present-day adult Babar (King of the … Continue reading

The Weekend Gig Guide – Melbourne (29th – 1st)

Pictured: Will Stoker and the Embers Thursday: Magic, mayhem and madness: this is the Oh, Deanna live experience. Having been an ardent Oh, Deanna follower for some years, they are one of the few bands that bring about such utter devotion in me and, without sounding wanky, it’s more than deserved. A deeply unique four-piece, … Continue reading

News: Google developing social network

1UP reports that several games developers have been meeting with Google with regard to developing social network-hosted games. Several factors – Google’s ~$200 million investment in Zynga, the hiring of Mark Deloura as ‘developer advocate for games’ and the online giant’s reported search for a ‘games project manager’ – indicate Google’s imminent entrance into the … Continue reading

Reviews: The Optimen – The Out of Money Experience (Album)

The Optimen are, like many Australian hip hop groups, a venture built on a history of hard work. They released their debut album Boomtown in ’05 and followed it up with extensive touring. 2007 saw the release of The Optimen present Red Tape Renegades Vol1, a  compilation featuring artists from their independent label Red Tape … Continue reading

Reviews: Perfume Genius – Mr Petersen (Single)

Perfume Genius is a one man band.  It seems he’s become an indie music super-Jesus of late and the attention he’s received is certainly due. Mr Petersen is a beautiful, pensive song.  It’s a simply stunning piece of musicianship. The tune evokes an ambience that is reminiscent of films like The Virgin Suicides or maybe Donnie Darko. The song … Continue reading

Videos: Winners of World of Warcraft beta giveaway revealed, Starcraft II comp announced

The latest episode of the She Geek Show features not one, but two giveaways – Kate reveals the winners of the World of Warcraft Cataclysm beta keys, and goes on to announce a new Starcraft II competition. Excited? You should be – wait til you hear what the prize is… Check out the new episode … Continue reading

News: Aronofsky abandons Robocop reboot

Darren Aronofsky has been forced to abandon his reboot of Paul Verhoeven’s sci-fi-fascism hit Robocop due to financial concerns surrounding studio MGM. The company is $3.7 billion in debt, casting doubt over the production of not just Robocop – both The Hobbit and the next James Bond film are also in danger of simply never … Continue reading

News: Primer available to view free online

Primer, the brilliantly intelligent and slightly obtuse science fiction film from first (and so far only) time director Shane Carruth, has been released by the writer-director himself to view for free on Google Video. Carruth, who also starred in Primer, has until now only made one film. However, word has been slowly leaking out regarding … Continue reading

News: Inception takes number one at Oz, US box offices

Christopher Nolan’s mindbending, visually stunning thriller Inception has taken hold of the box office. The film reached number one at both the Australian and American box offices, grossing $7.4 million and $142.8 million, respectively. The film beat out Knight & Day (the Cruise and Diaz action flick) and Toy Story 3 in Australia, while in … Continue reading

Trailers: Sucker Punch

The first trailer for Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch has been released. If you’re wondering what to expect, think Alice in Wonderland-meets-Watchmen. Except more ridiculously awesome than anything you might have just imagined. The film stars Aussies Emily Browning and Abbie Cornish, Vanessa Hudgens, Jamie Chung, Jena Malone, Carla Gugino and Jon Hamm. Check out the … Continue reading

Reviews: Spriggan (DVD)

Time to get your Sprig on! While this pun may be ludicrously crass, it is, at the same time, a warranted directive. If you have not seen Spriggan, you should! This Madman release takes a staple of anime cinema and revamps it perfectly for the Western eye. Spriggan is what anime is all about: scintillating … Continue reading

News: Oh, Deanna and supports play The Empress

Check out the press release because I’m too lazy to re-word it: Eff winter, let’s dance! Three radiant local acts will warm the heels of your feet and the cockles of your heart on Thursday July 29 at The Empress. Bonny balladeer Sean Henry (Kenny Cornflakes) will make a rare acoustic solo appearance away from … Continue reading

News: Gorillaz announce Australian tour

A little animated British electro-pop band called Gorillaz – heard of them? – have announced their first Australian tour. The band will be in the country for a fortnight, and will be hitting up the major venues of the capitals. Check out the dates and places below:

Reviews: Ninja Scroll 10th Anniversary Edition (DVD)

Ninja Scroll is one of the absolute classics of anime. While Akira was probably the trailblazer in terms of Western appreciation of anime, Ninja Scroll was without doubt one of the three main breakthrough pictures (along with aforementioned Akira and sci-fi masterpiece Ghost in the Shell). Despite having been released in 1993, Ninja Scroll remains … Continue reading

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