Videos: Big fan asks Joss Whedon who his favourite actor is

At a Q&A at Comic Con, a fan asked Joss Whedon who his favourite actor was. Check out the video to see why that actually makes for one of the coolest clips I’ve seen for a while: Advertisements

Videos: Winners of World of Warcraft beta giveaway revealed, Starcraft II comp announced

The latest episode of the She Geek Show features not one, but two giveaways – Kate reveals the winners of the World of Warcraft Cataclysm beta keys, and goes on to announce a new Starcraft II competition. Excited? You should be – wait til you hear what the prize is… Check out the new episode … Continue reading

Videos: Pirates 4 teaser leaked online

A teaser clip for the upcoming sequel to Pirates of the┬áCaribbean: At World’s Ends – entitled On Stranger Tides – screened at the San Diego Comic Con has made its way onto the internet. The clip features… oh hell, just watch it for yourself:

Videos: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta Giveaway!

Check out the latest episode of the She Geek Show below:

Videos: Ferris Club

Check out the fantastic mash-up trailer, combining Ferris Bueller’s Day Off and Fight Club and put together by Classy Hands, below:

Videos: The She Geek Show goes to E3

Check out the E3 episode of the She Geek Show below:

Videos: Why Roger Ebert is Wrong

We’re pleased to announce that Ctrl-x will be featuring episodes of the She Geek Show, a video game-focused, geek-friendly show hosted by the lovely and inimitable Kate of Check out her response to film critic Roger Ebert’s assertion that video games are not, and can never be, art below:

Trailers: Machete, The Expendables and The Green Hornet

Check out trailers for Machete (the Danny Trejo vehicle inspired by a fake trailer created for and shown during Rodriguez & Tarantino’s Grindhouse), The Expendables (Stallone-led action film featuring every bad-ass action star ever except Van Damme) and The Green Hornet (superhero flick starring Seth Rogen and directed by Michel Gondry) below:

Trailers: Somewhere

The trailer for Sophia Coppola’s latest film Somewhere appears to explore many of the same themes that have dominated her past work – the existential struggles of rich, directionless white people, loneliness and love. The trailer features some great music by Phoenix and The Strokes. The film features Steven Dorff, Michelle Monaghan and Elle Fanning … Continue reading

Trailers: Repo Men red band trailer

No, this doesn’t have anything to do with the cult classic starring Emilio Estevez. This has everything to do with Jude Law, Forest Whitaker and director Miguel Sapochnik. Oh, and repossessing organs from live donors. Check out the red band trailer here.

Trailers: Inception

The full-length trailer for the upcoming Christopher Nolan, Leo DiCaprio sci-fi thriller Inception has finally been released, sating the thirst of fans who’d been forced to rewatch that teaser over and over and… anyway. I’m a fan of Nolan (Dark Knight, Memento, The Prestige) and DiCaprio is alright too but the supporting cast (Ken Watanabe, … Continue reading

Trailers: Iron Man 2 official trailer

Yes, just days after the 5-minute long leaked Comic Con clip hit the interwebs we have the official trailer for Iron Man 2. The sequel to the hit Robert Downey Jr./Jon Favreau superhero flick will be out May 10. Check the trailer here.

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