Daily Videogames News Roundup: Mana Bars to open in Sydney & Melbourne, Arkham Asylum available on-demand and more…

Gamer-targeted watering hole Mana Bar is set to expand its horizons. Commenting on a Facebook campaign to open a Mana Bar in Sydney yesterday, promoter Guy “Yug” Bloomberg hinted that “It’s going to happen … sooner than you think … stay tuned”. The bar’s one and only site is currently located in Brisbane, Australia. Source: … Continue reading

Daily Videogame News Roundup: Insomniac to reveal new game, Metroid: Other M Oz Release set, Sega posts surprising profit

American developer Insomniac Games have announced that they’ll be revealing their upcoming release at some point prior to Seattle’s Penny-Arcade Expo. Speculation has suggested that the game will be Resistance 3, and preliminary information about Insomniac’s panel at PAX reveals that the mystery game will be a PS3 exclusive. Source: IGN Nintendo Australia has announced … Continue reading

News: Google developing social network

1UP reports that several games developers have been meeting with Google with regard to developing social network-hosted games. Several factors – Google’s ~$200 million investment in Zynga, the hiring of Mark Deloura as ‘developer advocate for games’ and the online giant’s reported search for a ‘games project manager’ – indicate Google’s imminent entrance into the … Continue reading

Videos: Winners of World of Warcraft beta giveaway revealed, Starcraft II comp announced

The latest episode of the She Geek Show features not one, but two giveaways – Kate reveals the winners of the World of Warcraft Cataclysm beta keys, and goes on to announce a new Starcraft II competition. Excited? You should be – wait til you hear what the prize is… Check out the new episode … Continue reading

News: San Diego Comic Con coverage

The largest gathering of geeks in the Western world is taking place over this weekend. San Diego Comic Con features panels, trailers, screenings and booths – all designed to build hype around upcoming films, television shows, video games and yes, even comics. While we at Ctrl-x would love to cover the Con, we’re all stuck … Continue reading

News: EA releases Alice: Madness Returns teaser

EA has released an early trailer for the upcoming Alice in Wonderland game Alice: Madness Returns. The game was developed by American McGee, who was also responsible for the previous title in the series. The game will be aimed at adults, with a dark psychological storyline and creepy visuals. Check out the teaser below:

Videos: World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Beta Giveaway!

Check out the latest episode of the She Geek Show below:

News: Big Ant interfaces with fans for AFL game

Australian video game studio Big Ant recently released information and screenshots for their upcoming game Rugby League Live (PS3 and 360). Aussie rules fans will possibly be aware that Big Ant has also been developing an AFL game for some time, with articles being written about the game as early as March of 2009. Over … Continue reading

News: A Game of Thrones game details revealed

The video game based on the George R.R. Martin series of books entitled A Song of Ice and Fire is a few baby steps closer to release, with developer Cyanide release a few select details. The game will be strategy-based, focusing on tactical combat, resource management and diplomatic relations. The game is tentatively titled A … Continue reading

News: J.A.W and Oddworld Inhabitants working on new games

New Oddworld games have been in development for just over a year, with Just Add Water announcing the news on their website today. There are multiple games on multiple platforms in the works, and J.A.W will be revealing details in the coming months. I absolutely loved Abe’s Oddysee on Playstation and I’m really looking forward … Continue reading

Videos: The She Geek Show goes to E3

Check out the E3 episode of the She Geek Show below:

Videos: Why Roger Ebert is Wrong

We’re pleased to announce that Ctrl-x will be featuring episodes of the She Geek Show, a video game-focused, geek-friendly show hosted by the lovely and inimitable Kate of SheGeekShow.com. Check out her response to film critic Roger Ebert’s assertion that video games are not, and can never be, art below:

News: No Assassin’s Creed in 2011

Ubisoft has announced that the dev team for the Assassin’s Creed franchise will take a year off to relax and recharge, following the release of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood (sequel to Assassin’s Creed 2, released in 2009 on PS3 and 360). The series is masterfully crafted and features some of the most intuitive gameplay … Continue reading

News: Dragon Age 2 announced

Bioware have announced the upcoming release of Dragon Age 2, follow up to the massively successful RPG Dragon Age: Origins. The Bioware website features new concept art, the game’s box art and an option to pre-order. The website also declares that a trailer will go live on the 17th of August. As a fan of … Continue reading

Reviews: God of War III

Ben Vernel takes a look at Playstation 3 blockbuster God of War III.

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