News: e-Books now outselling hardcovers on Amazon

Amazon have reported that, over the past month, e-Books have outsold hardcovers by a ratio of 180:100. Amazon’s e-Books are paired with their reading device the Kindle, which, despite the launch of the iPad, has recorded a gradual improvement in sales. It is to be assumed that paperbacks are still the best-selling form of book, … Continue reading

Reviews: Monkey Grip by Helen Garner

Steph Maker takes a look at the late seventies Australian junkie tale Monkey Grip.

Reviews: Dispatches by Michael Herr

Dispatches is a masterpiece. It’s quite possibly the best book I’ve ever read. Herr tackles the Vietnam War like a philosophical question in and of itself. Never before has war been covered with such flair for language, such incredible insight, such reflective analysis.  The book is a non-fiction account of Herr’s time spent as a … Continue reading

Reviews: The Castle by Franz Kafka

Franz Kafka’s signature themes of surreal alienation at the hands of society and the coldness of logic have never been better realised than in his incomplete final work The Castle. The novel is a sublime representation of the way in which beaurocracy – and the labyrinthine machinations involved in the simplest of communications – can … Continue reading

Reviews: Life Of Pi by Yann Martel

Life Of Pi is a fictional account of a young boy’s ordeal at the hands of fate, the ocean and a tiger called Richard Parker. The book begins with a description of the habits of the three-toed sloth and through this, a description of the sensibilities of the book’s protagonist, Pi Patel. He is an … Continue reading

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