Daily Videogames News Roundup: Mana Bars to open in Sydney & Melbourne, Arkham Asylum available on-demand and more…

Gamer-targeted watering hole Mana Bar is set to expand its horizons. Commenting on a Facebook campaign to open a Mana Bar in Sydney yesterday, promoter Guy “Yug” Bloomberg hinted that “It’s going to happen … sooner than you think … stay tuned”. The bar’s one and only site is currently located in Brisbane, Australia.

Source: Facebook

The utterly brilliant RPG beat-em-up platformer Batman: Arkham Asylum is now available through Xbox Live’s Games on Demand service.  The digital copy will set you back $39.99 and will take up around 7GB of space.

Source: IGN

Sony have announced that Australian will be one of the few countries to receive Gran Turismo 5: Signature edition. The special release of the game will come in a steel case and will include a model car, a leather wallet, a coffee table book, a USB key and two in-game car packs, with more announcements to come. The special edition will be released in November and will retail for around $300.

Source: IGN

Developer Runic has announced a sequel to the engaging Diablo knock-off Torchlight. The title is set for release early next year and will feature outdoor areas, new weather effects, four character classes and an expanded world in which to hack ‘n’ slash.

Source: Bit-Tech


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