Daily Music News Roundup: Katy Perry has another stupid song, Iron Maiden release video game, Kings of Leon release album… in October

Katy Perry’s latest song, yet another in a long line of increasingly stupid tracks aimed at the absolute lowest common denominator, is entitled Milk Milk Lemonade, and features a chorus taken from the kids rhyme about breast milk, urine and excrement. I don’t even.

Source: Vulture

Metal legends Iron Maiden have released an online game to help promote their upcoming album. The game, an asteroids-esque topdown sci-fi space shooter entitled The Final Frontier, is available to play here. Weirdly, it doesn’t feature ingame music by Iron Maiden.

Source: Undercover

Kings of Leon, a band once close to my heart, have announced the release date of their upcoming album Come Around Sundown. The band’s fifth studio album will be released in Australian on October 15th, four days before the US release. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it, but it’s certain to get massive radio airplay.

Source: TripleJ


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