Reviews: The Mission in Motion – New Skin (single)

The Mission in Motion are a Sydney based five-piece band who are relatively new to the music scene, having released their debut EP The Window in March 2007. The band has just released their debut album Somewhere Safe, which they have followed up with a single titled New Skin. This single shows off the bands punk-influenced rock style, with a steady beat ensuring this song is automatically a Friday afternoon anthem. New Skin couples the band’s instrumental talents with good vocal dynamics, gradually getting the listener into the partying mood.

New Skin will get you unintentionally bopping your head along to the catchy – if slightly repetitive – lyrics. The slow collective vocals at the beginning of the song work at gradually introducing the listener to the rock sound this band is known for. The perfect placement of the clapping and scatting add extra layers to this piece. The Mission in Motion have only just begun their climb to the top of the music scene, and with a string of upcoming tour destinations it looks like these guys are heading in the right direction. This increasingly busy schedule has the band setting off from Brisbane on August the 12th and ending up in Auckland on September the 4th for their first overseas gig.

If you are a Friday-afternoon-lover and want a song to blast on your way home from work, New Skin is definitely the logical choice.


review by Jane Herringer

One Response to “Reviews: The Mission in Motion – New Skin (single)”
  1. Ben says:

    Actually Jane, the Auckland show will be there second overseas gig. They played Singapore a few months back.

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