Reviews: Micmacs (DVD)

Micmacs is the latest highly imaginative and slightly delightful release from director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie, Delicatessan, City Of Lost Children and Alien Resurrection).  Micmacs features Jeunet’s trademark saturated oranges and greens, eccentric characters, big-face camera angles, weird recycled mechanical contraptions – oh, and it’s French. Set in Paris (with French dialogue), you can choose your own subtitles. English works for me, although in a visual feast like this, reading subtitles can distract from the wonderful images on screen. Still on my list of things to do: 1. Learn a foreign language (French would be helpful here) and 2. Learn to play the piano (not related to this review, but worth a mention).

The film stars Dany Boon as Bazil, a seemingly gentle oddball character who, after a couple of shocking events involving guns and mines separated by 30 or so years, finds himself alone and on the streets, begging and busking. He is adopted by a group of eccentric characters – think Sideshow freaks, left behind when the circus left town – that live under an enormous pile of hard rubbish. With his newfound mates, including Dominique Pinon (all of the aforementioned films) and Yolande Moreau (Amelie), Bazil sets about wreaking revenge on the arms dealers responsible for disrupting his life.

The characters are a strange mix of superheroes and clowns, and they display and exploit their unique sets of skills as they carry out the intricate, sometimes convoluted and often contorted (actress Julie Ferrier) plans devised to bring the weapons manufacturers to their knees. Micmacs is fun, exciting and full of visual gags. Extras are slim though, with only the theatrical trailer included (this could just be the case with our review copy though, so make sure you check out the DVD closer to the release date).

Micmacs is coming to DVD August 19.


review by Oliver Nelson


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