Reviews: Timothy Nelson & The Infidels – Nothing’s In Tune (Single)

At the tender age of twenty, Perth singer/songwriter Timothy Nelson already has an impressive string of achievements behind him. In 2007, Nelson formed his second band, The Infidels. Their talent was quickly recognised as the group took home the West Australia Music Industry (WAMi) Award for ‘Song of the Year’ in both 2007 and 2009. Comprising Luke Dux on lead guitar, bassist Brad Forest, Peter Forgus on drums, and Ellen Oosterbaan on acoustic guitar and backing vocals, The Infidels were hand-picked by Nelson to complement his pop folk style, which has been moulded somewhat by the music of (personal favourites) The Beatles, and The Shins.

Lifted from their forthcoming 12-track debut album – centred on the theme of unrequited love – comes lead single Nothing’s In Tune. An upbeat, sweet, poppy piece, this song is well-written, listenable and, quite simply, a bit cute. Stylistic parallels between this single and indie rock dreamboats The Shins’ most recent release, Wincing the Night Away, can be drawn immediately. The laid-back guitar line and controlled vocals were reminiscent of The Shins, but thankfully, and to Nelson’s credit, not to the extent that I could ever cast the words ‘copycat’ or ‘plaigarist’ in his direction.

Included in this release is a live recording of ‘Speak the Truth in Love’. Creating a strong contrast to ‘Nothing’s in Tune’, this brooding ballad is driven by a string arrangement and seemingly real emotion. For such a young man, this song could be dismissed as an empty amalgamation of cliché, but Nelson’s performance is heartfelt, convincing and lovely. I almost envy the girl that inspired the writing of this song. Almost – I’m not that much of a sap.

Nothing’s In Tune is a lovely release and has left me curious to hear more of what young Timothy Nelson & The Infidels have to offer. As evidenced by the quality of ‘Speak the Truth in Love,’ those in WA should get down to a live show to really feel the (unrequited) love. The band’s debut album is currently being mastered at London’s Abbey Road studios (surprise, surprise) but I would encourage fans of up and coming Aussie indie/folk/pop bands to grab a copy when it hits stores.


review by Julia Cooke

One Response to “Reviews: Timothy Nelson & The Infidels – Nothing’s In Tune (Single)
  1. The Method says:

    Awesome band, awesome song, great review!

    More power to the Infidels, melody is king!

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