Reviews: The Good Ship – Avast! Wretched Sea (album)

The Good Ship’s Avast! Wretched Sea has tunes that will put you in the mood – whatever the intended mood may be – anytime you hear it. Influenced by “gin, rum, brandy, fair maidens and not so fair maidens”, this band’s debut album brings up all those emotions with incredible passion.

The album cover prepares you for a journey, and as soon as you open it and see the picture of the band – who seem to have spent many years at sea, perhaps during the 1930’s – curiosity strikes. The album starts with the nice, upbeat ‘Harbour fair’, introducing you to the start of the 12 “undulating tales of woe and intrigue”. With good chords and a catchy chorus, Avast! Wretched Sea instantly engages with you and makes you want to hear more.

The intense ballad ‘Sea Monster’ instantly becomes a favourite. The use of the instruments is so well balanced with the vocals, the lyrics, and the beats; you can’t help but to press ‘repeat’ and listen this song over and over again.

Not all is fun and games in a life at sea and ’18 when you’re 44’ is a great example of the ‘not so fair maidens’ that these, as I will call them, sailors have encountered. This song has crude lyrics but the nice, soft beat to it makes you feel sorry for this tale. ‘No Shortage of Company’ will also make you feel the pain in the lyrics, but not without enjoying the accordion in the background.

But not all are songs of woe as ‘Tavern song’ is exactly that – as you hear it you can imagine yourself in a tavern, having a pint of beer (or ale, even) and singing and having an excellent time. It just makes you want to grab your coat and head to the nearest pub. And so the tales go on and on, and you can’t help but to feel the same way as the person telling the story.

I am not too sure of how to label this band – rock? Folk? Folk rock perhaps? Some of the songs may even remind you of pirates, and the photographs on the CD will make you believe that this band is made up of pirates, and why not? Sailors, at sea, going from port to port, gathering the stories which they turn into songs that will make you want to dance, cry or laugh. This Brisbane band will make you feel like you are at sea, and indeed on a Good Ship.


review by Mariana Gaona Lopez


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