News: Jon Hamm for Superman, Thor trailer online, Del Toro to direct Lovecraft adaptation

ThinkMcFlyThink reports that the team behind the upcoming Superman reboot (which includes Christopher Nolan and David Goyer) are considering Mad Men star Jon Ham for the role as The Man of Steel. Hamm, a talented actor with palpable screen presence, would be a perfect fit for the role – dashing, handsome, and intelligent, Hamm has proven he can play troubled and Superman has always been a character whose demons were more interesting than his virtues.

Source: TMT

In other comic book film news, the Comic Con-only trailer for Marvel’s Thor adaptation has been leaked online. The 5-minute long clip introduces the characters, the settings and the mythology. I wasn’t particularly impressed, but hey, that’s just me. Check it out below:

And finally, Guillermo Del Toro is set to direct the big-screen adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s horror novella At The Mountains Of Madness, with the money-man himself James Cameron producing. The news follows Del Toro’s departure from Peter Jackson’s two-part adaptation of The Hobbit.

Source: Blastr


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