Reviews: Perfume Genius – Mr Petersen (Single)

Perfume Genius is a one man band.  It seems he’s become an indie music super-Jesus of late and the attention he’s received is certainly due. Mr Petersen is a beautiful, pensive song.  It’s a simply stunning piece of musicianship. The tune evokes an ambience that is reminiscent of films like The Virgin Suicides or maybe Donnie Darko.

The song is laden with bitingly clever yet sombre lyrics. It tells the deeply moving tale of the death of Mr Petersen, whomever this gentleman may be. Mr Petersen deserves repeat listens – if only paid the most superficial of attention, it could be simply written off as another mediocre indie tear-fest. Perfume Genius has been dubbed by NME as the ‘Cutest Dude Ever.’  A stretch perhaps, but the chap is particularly adorable, soft and youthful.

The literature on this fellow suggests that he describes the style of his own voice as ‘elf tranny.’  That description seems a little cruelly self-effacing, as his voice is actually very supple and lovely. The song is worth the hype; at the moment any way. Get in and enjoy it before the juggernauts of cool ruin it for you.


review by Steph Maker


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