News: e-Books now outselling hardcovers on Amazon

Amazon have reported that, over the past month, e-Books have outsold hardcovers by a ratio of 180:100. Amazon’s e-Books are paired with their reading device the Kindle, which, despite the launch of the iPad, has recorded a gradual improvement in sales. It is to be assumed that paperbacks are still the best-selling form of book, but one has to wonder how long that will be the case. Considering the ground e-Books and e-Readers have made up in their short existence (around two and a half years), I wouldn’t be surprised to see sales of new release, physical books to drop precipitously.  Will books become the new vinyls? Kept for kitsch, novelty value by those who think they’re ‘retro’? Touted as being a ‘better experience of the original artform’? Only time will tell*.

*Probably yes, though. Just puttin’ it out there.


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