News: Big Ant interfaces with fans for AFL game

Australian video game studio Big Ant recently released information and screenshots for their upcoming game Rugby League Live (PS3 and 360). Aussie rules fans will possibly be aware that Big Ant has also been developing an AFL game for some time, with articles being written about the game as early as March of 2009. Over on (a message board frequented by thousands of AFL fans) a thread on the game has been running for so long and has attracted so much debate that the board’s in-built post limit necessitated the creation of a second thread devoted to discussion of the potential release.

Until recently, fans were in the dark. Many had simply given up on the possibility of an AFL video game, let alone a good one. That is, until CEO of Big Ant Ross Symons began posting under the alias ‘BigAntStudios’ and initiated a friendly, informative discussion with the fans. Initially just posting to update on the continued development of the game, Ross began taking suggestions and answering mountains of game-related questions. With the release of Rugby League Live imminent, one could understand how someone such as Mr Symons might have a lot on his plate – too much, in fact, to spend hours of his time sifting through the posts of hundreds of AFL fans trying to answer as many questions as humanly (and legally) possible. The fact that he’s doing what he’s doing – and with great humour and understanding – speaks volumes to the man’s character and the attitude and professionalism of Big Ant in general.

For more information on the upcoming AFL game (to be released on PC, PS3 and 360) head to the BigFooty thread here. There’s also a condensed thread featuring all the answers Ross has been able to provide here. To check out Big Ant’s website go here.

Update: A third thread has been made on the game!

Source: BigFooty

3 Responses to “News: Big Ant interfaces with fans for AFL game”
  1. Nathan says:

    Great article! Good to see the footy game getting attention that it deserves!

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