News: Winehouse album by 2011, Bowie tribute coming

Amy Winehouse has been quoted as saying that a follow up to her breakthrough album Back To Black will be hitting shelves in 6 months time at the latest. Mark Ronson, however, told The Sun newspaper that he was aware of no such album. Hmm… who to believe? The professional super-producer or the insane crack-addict?

In other music news, a 34-track David Bowie tribute album is set for release mid-October and will feature John Frusciante, Duran Duran, Devendra Banhart and Carla Bruni covering some absolutely classic Bowie cuts. Profits from the double album – entitled We Were So Turned On – will go to the War Child International charity.

Source: Undercover

2 Responses to “News: Winehouse album by 2011, Bowie tribute coming”
  1. Kay says:

    BACK TO BLACK was not Amy’s debut album. It was, in fact, FRANK. And, it is beautiful. When Amy wrote the album she was seventeen, she was a size 14 and she was an advocate for straight edge!
    True story.
    Oh, and Marianne Faithful was homeless for almost ten years whilst she endured the worst point of her heroin addiction and eating disorder- but look at whre she is now!
    -I had to say somthing cos *i luv ames*.

  2. Ben Vernel says:

    I cant believe I didn’t know that! Thanks for that, duly noted and corrected. Changed it to ‘breakthrough album’ because I suppose that really was the first time most people had heard of her. And me, in my relative naivete, just assumed it was her first album.

    I love Back to Black and I would be happier than anyone if Wino were to get herself back on track. It’s such a shame what’s happened to her. Thanks for the comment, and for not being a jerk in pointing out my lack of research 🙂

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