News: Predators makes back budget in 3 days

The Robert Rodriguez-produced, Nimrod Antal-directed sci-fi action movie Predators – sequel to the 1987 original – has already made back its production budget, grossing $43 million over its opening weekend. The film, made for $40 million, stars Adrian Brody and has earned over $25 million domestically and $18 million from foreign audiences since opening July 9th. The movie itself is a fun sci-fi actioner and Brody turns in an effective performance as the menacing mercenary lead. The film has flaws, but I’d certainly rather see a sequel to this than another Aliens Vs Predator film – sure, I found AVP more entertaining than Predators, but Predators was more ambitious and has more potential to be a legitimately good film/franchise whereas AVP was so-bad-it-was-good.


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