Reviews: The Bon Scotts – We Can Cause Such A Fuss/Sad Sad Songs

The Bon Scotts, a Melbourne five-piece, follow their debut EP The Yellow Fall (released in ’05) and single  The Kids Are Coming (’09) with this double A-side. The Bon Scotts create the kind of music that leads you to spend hours drunkenly arguing about just what genre they are, exactly. They attempt to blend bells, ukulele and other assorted instruments which, although intriguing to listen to, make it difficult to pick out a melody that you can hum along to. However, the chorus-style vocals and happy little riffs create such a playful listening experience that it doesn’t seem to matter. You may not hum, but you will definitely bop.

The funky combo of instruments works on We Can Cause Such a Fuss, but unfortunately they kind of missed the mark on Sad Sad Songs. The end result is something that doesn’t quite sound finished; like it still needs a little polish. The ups and downs and occasional piercing high frequencies don’t create as enjoyable a listening experience as the leading track. The darker chord progression and lyrics – along with the ukulele – work really well, but all the extra can’t-quite-figure-out-what-they-are instruments detract from the generally ominous tone of the song. If you’re into layered, unique sounding instruments and boppy, feel-good rhythms then plug into We Can Cause Such a Fuss, but lower your hopes just a tad for Sad Sad Songs.

review by Rosie Vernel


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