Reviews: God of War III

Ben Vernel takes a look at Playstation 3 blockbuster God of War III.

God of War III is an impressive game. I bought it on the back of the fantastic reviews it had been receiving, in addition to having witnessed some pretty epic footage online and on television. Epic is the word. Epic in physical scale, that is. Do not confuse the glowing reviews of the gameplay and graphics with anything more; the game has terrible dialogue and a serviceable (at most) story. Is it a ten out of ten game? Certainly not. It would have been back in the nineties, when game criticism was a little less refined and gamers expected either a) amazingly fluid gameplay or b) in-depth story and characterisation, but these days we expect more. We expect the stellar storylines and addictive gameplay of Grand Theft Auto, and anything less is less than perfect.

God of War III is, indeed, less than perfect. But being a nine out of ten is nothing to sneeze at. The gameplay is phenomenally fun. For those who have never played any of the trilogies three chapters, you play as Kratos, Spartan warrior and new god of war (it’s a long story). The third and final game follows his quest for revenge (again, long story). Kratos is a tank of a man, incredibly powerful and well-equipped for fighting supernatural beasties. The game is a beat-em-up with platforming elements and extremely cinematic boss fights. As such, combat is paramount. It will come as no surprise to fans of the series that the combat is freaking awesome. Movement is handled with the left control stick and dodging the right. Triangle handles heavy attacks and square is devoted to the lighter, quicker attacks. Circle is used for grabbing the enemy, with the R1, R2, L1 and L2 buttons altering each button pressed in conjunction to achieve greater/different moves, combos, special and magic attacks. And once you’ve got the hang of things, combat is a blast. Some areas tend to flood the screen with both smaller enemies and larger thugs (Cylopes! Scorpions! Ogres!) and these tend to prove the most difficult sections, but by and large the areas are intelligently designed and beautifully crafted.

The graphics are insanely well done. As close to photorealistic as they need to be, the character models and environments are detailed beyond necessity. Lighting is used well in setting atmosphere and the animations are perfect. There really isn’t much more to say – the graphics are perfect. The soundtrack is suitably overwrought and the story is silly, but beside the point. You’re here to fight gods and monsters, and that’s exactly what you’ll do. The general combat is brilliant but the boss fights are a joy to take part in (and behold). Sure, quicktime events are fairly dominant, but have to be reached through extended bouts of traditional button-mashing conflict. They essentially serve as an amazingly cinematic coup de grace. Speaking of amazing cinematics, the interactions with the Titans and gods are downright jawdropping. Absolutely dripping with oh-my-freakin-jebus-ness, the scale of the Titans and the power of the gods will never cease to astound. And yeah, the dialogue is shite and the story is lame, but the kills, the combat and the cutscenes make this a must-play game. Too bad it’s a PS3 exclusive, eh?


review by Ben Vernel

2 Responses to “Reviews: God of War III”
  1. hi wats your myspace page

  2. haha, I didn’t even buy, just borrowed it from my friend for one month, but i guess =\ i’m missing it, i might just go buy it.

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