News: Lost simply “Good vs Evil”

In a Feb 4 video podcast, Lost showrunners Damon Lindelof  and Carlton Cuse state that Lost is “…good versus evil, very very simply put, and we have to sort of decide… is Jacob the good guy and this mysterious Man in Black who we saw in the finale the bad guy… or have we done a switcheroo?”

Viewers have long postulated a face-off between opposing forces but had hoped the show wouldn’t simply devolve into Good vs Evil. It appears that this hope has been dashed. While, as mentioned by Lindelof, we may not yet know who is good and who is evil, the fact remains that by the end of the series there will be no ambiguity as to the motivations, justifications and morality of both sides. And that kind of sucks.

In the grand tradition of Lost theorizing – or Lostheorizing – I get the feeling that Jacob may be evil and the MIB good. The Man In Black is the vengeful God, punishing sinners but rewarding the virtuous (most of the Losties have done some pretty shameful stuff in their past, while some may just be Jobs) and Jacob is the subversive tempter, manipulating all and sundry in order to further his own dark schemes. Hence Un-Locke’s line; “I’m very disappointed in all of you.”


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