Reviews: The Simpsons Season 6 DVD set

The Simpsons. An absolute classic, the definitive television show of a generation. Also, alas, a fallen great. Ben Vernel reviews arguably its greatest season.

Season 6, in conjunction with season 5, marked the high point of The Simpsons. Season 5  (previously reviewed here) featured some of The Simpsons’ greatest episodes but Season 6 is the most consistently brilliant season of animated television ever made. Hell, change that from ‘animated’ to ‘comedic’ and the comment still stands. This DVD set is literally a must-have. No DVD collection is complete without the sixth season of The Simpsons. Don’t you want to be able to sit down and watch Rear Window homage ‘Bart of Darkness’, eerie Westworld-esque ‘Itchy and Scratchy Land’ (“We need more Bort license plates in the gift shop!”) or Stonecutters ep ‘Homer The Great’ whenever you feel like it?

As with all of the other DVD releases for The Simpsons, every episode is accompanied by deleted scenes, animatics and commentaries. The commentaries are what bump these releases up from A to A+; they’re always informative and entertaining and feature a wide variety of commenters.

The season set comprises these 25 episodes:

  • Bart of Darkness
  • Lisa’s Rival
  • Another Simpsons Clip Show
  • Itchy and Scratchy Land
  • Sideshow Bob Roberts
  • Treehouse of Horror V
  • Bart’s Girlfriend
  • Lisa on Ice
  • Homer: Bad Man
  • Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy
  • Fear of Flying
  • Homer the Great
  • And Maggie Makes Three
  • Bart’s Comet
  • Homie the Clown
  • Bart vs. Australia
  • Homer vs. Patty & Selma
  • A Star is Burns
  • Lisa’s Wedding
  • Two Dozen and One Greyhounds
  • The PTA Disbands
  • Round Springfield
  • The Springfield Connection
  • Lemon of Troy
  • Who Shot Mr. Burn? (Part 1)

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