Interviews: Twist Oliver Twist

Check out Lisa Dib’s interview with up-and-coming Brisbane band Twist Oliver Twist:

Alright, let’s get the necessary basics out of the way first; Twist Oliver Twist is their name, and indie-electro is their game. Four dudes, straight outta Brisvegas. They’ve been gigging up a storm since 2007 and, according to synth-ist Bryn Ridd, they “just like to get together and play the kind of thing we like to hear”. Bravura!

Before you cry ‘small fry’, Twist have a far heftier gig roster than you or I, having supported Datarock, The Bravery, Young and Restless, Van She and a slew of others. Impressive, no? Adding to that, they had their track Sass It (a synth and fat beat extravaganza) featured on Triple J. Not bad for a band two years into inception. But, aside from impressing J-ites with their thickly Rapture-esque sound, what does it take?

“I think it’s a matter of having the right sound at the right time” Ridd explains. “It helps to be passionate about self-promotion and networking but also to know when to let word-of-mouth to do its thing. It’s a delicate balance…”

So what makes Twist twist? “We all share an interest in progressive disco, pop, electro, dance and punk. At the moment, I think bands like A Certain Ratio and The Juan MacLean top the list, which makes for a pretty interesting diversity. Otherwise, we take a lot of influence from our day-to-day lives and experiences – the things that we experience together as a group are particularly inspiring. For example, one of our songs is about cross-dressing in Sydney whereas another is about failing, guilt-ridden love…”

Though the Twist boys are keeping quiet over the New Year period (but isn’t it the quiet ones you always have to watch out for?), they’ll no doubt to be back with a synth and a vengeance in 2010. “Fans can expect four musicians going a bit wild, each in their own way, expressing an enthusiastic delight for danceable guitar-based, synth-infused post-punk tunes” Ridd says, on what the punter can expect from a Twist show. “We like to make an impact, usually musically, but now and then we’ll go a little crazy with smashing outfits. On odd occasions, you might be lucky enough to get some shy banter out of us”

Hey, Bryn; what song do you always wish you’d written?

“The ones that make the most money (laughs). However, from a less cynical point of view, I’m a sucker for minimalist piano and anything by Philip Glass makes me wish I was responsible for it instead”   “A few of us are getting interested in DJing and remixing and want to follow that path for a little while” Bryn explains, when asked what the band will be doing with their 2010 downtime. “We’ll still be updating the MySpace with other stuff in the meantime, but there are plans to come out with something a bit bigger early next year so keep an eye on us around then!”

I think I just might.

Check out Twist Oliver Twist on MySpace and Triple J unearthed, where you can download a few of their tracks for free- sweet!

– Lisa Dib


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