Best of ’09: Super Mash Bros. – All About The Scrillions

As the end of the year all-too-rapidly approaches, we’ll be taking a look back at some of the best music of 2009 – here we take a look at the year’s best mash-up mix, Super Mash Bros’ All About The Scrillions.

Their website declares that they sound like “Girl Talk’s hot cousin”, and while SMB aren’t necessarily better (or hotter) than Pittsburgh’s Greg Gillis, they are, at times, on par. All About The Scrillions kicks off with an explosive mix of 80s guitar squeals and piano and the ubiquitous pop-rap that featured on their arguably better debut Fuck Bitches, Get Euros. The brief opening salvo of ‘Boom Boom Pau’ flows into ‘From Honor Roll To Out Of Control’, quite possibly the tightest mash-up on the album. The Bros. layer Akon’s Hypnotized over Ratatat’s Seventeen Years, and it just works.  While AATS doesn’t have as many perfect moments as Girl Talk’s Night Ripper or Feed the Animals, the base-line of awesome is just about even. And that’s no mean feat. There are a few moments of utter brilliance though: ‘Go Girl’ over ‘Sandman’, ‘Like a Boss’ and ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘Like This’ over ‘Faithfully’ and the part immediately following that section featuring Mike Jone’s ‘Drop & Gimme 50’ and a great subtle soul beat that I’m not familiar with. And a hell of a lot more. If you’re into mash-ups and Girl Talk, you have got to get into Super Mash Bros. The best mash-up album of ’09.

– Ben Vernel


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