Best of ’09: Jamie T – Kings & Queens

As the end of the year all-too-rapidly approaches, we’ll be taking a look back at some of the best music of 2009 – here, Ben Vernel reviews cockney darling Jamie T’s excellent sophomore record Kings & Queens.

Jamie T is some kind of bizarre science experiment gone wrong. Shove The Streets‘ Mike Skinner into a DNA Mix-omatic along with the disembodied head of Alex Turner and hit ‘blend’. T, the 23-year-old South Londoner with a talent for poetic hip hop vocals, dynamic lyrics and a great backing band called The Pacemakers, plays a guitar and sings/raps, and sounds (and looks) like Joe Strummer. His first album was a brilliant, dirty, scungy slab of Brit-hop that described/presented/re-enacted the life of a young man in England with honesty and in an undeniably entertaining manner. Sheila was a great song. Just great. T’s debut demonstrated a talent for songwriting surrounded by an engaging sound and Kings & Queens proved that it wasn’t a fluke.

K&Qs is a varied, accomplished album that takes the listener through highs and lows and shallows and depths. Highs like ‘Chaka Demus’, a brilliantly upbeat song that is unbearably catchy. Lows like the tender acoustic ‘Emily’s Heart’. Shallows like the unapologetic Clash rip-off  and first single ‘Sticks ‘n’ Stones’. Depths like ‘Jilly Armeen’, a finger-picking, piano-underscoring coda to an interesting, entertaining, fun, melancholic, varied-yet-cohesive second album from a very talented young man called Jamie T. His music is so different from song to song, innovative while remaining true to the core of catchy raw attitude. Definitely one of the best albums of ’09.

Jamie T – Sticks\’n\’Stones

– Ben Vernel


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